TUOMO DUO (Finland)

February 2015 - Performing in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth

TUOMO DUO (Finland) - Soul/Jazz/Pop

TUOMO Prättälä and Felix Zenger

Finnish pop/soul singer/composer TUOMO Prättälä, who is also an excellent keyboard player and jazz pianist, toured Australia twice as the pianist with the Ilmiliekki Jazz Quartet. TUOMO is also a very formidable soul-singer/key-boardist in Finland. On this tour TUOMO works in Duo with his colleague Feliz Zenger - www.felixzenger.com - fabulous beatboxer (Sydney Festival 2009) presenting Tuomo's latest project: 'The New Mystique' in a keyboard-vocal electro-sampled production.

At the Fremantle Arts Centre, in association with the Perth International Arts Festival, the TUOMO DUO will join an ensemble of 10 of Western Australia's finest instrumentalists to produce a fusion of electronic, acoustic, scored and improvised music, called the 'Soft Soft Loud' project, arranged by exciting young Australian composer Tilman Robinson - www.tilmanrobinson.com

www.tuomomusic.com - www.felixzenger.com

Check out the following to get a taste of TUOMO:
My Thing - My Own Private Sunday
Warzone live @ Lastu - Art goes Kapakka - Sweet with me

"As a whole, The New Mystique is an exquisite modern soul album. Intellectual, moodful and danceable, without a trace of overstatement, preachiness or forcedness." - Helsinki Sanomat/NYT


Concert Dates 2015

Sydney, 21 Feb, 8.30 pm: Venue505, 280 Cleveland Street, Surry Hills - www.venue505.com/music
Melbourne, 22 Feb, 8.30 pm: Bennettslane Jazz Club - Melb Jazz Coop - www.bennettslane.com - www.mjc.org.au
Fremantle Arts Centre, 27 Feb, 8.00 pm: 'Soft Soft Loud project' - in association with Perth Festival - fac.org.au