Australia Northern Europe Liaisons

Australia Northern Europe Liaisons is a cultural promotion entity, based in Melbourne and centred on Henk van Leeuwen, whose primary objective is to organise cultural presentation and exchange between Australia, Asia and Europe, presenting and promoting musicians of the highest caliber in the jazz and classical music genres.

Henk van Leeuwen

Henk van Leeuwen works in close liaison and collaboration with music promotion organisations in Australia, Denmark, Finland, Sweden and Norway, touring selected high caliber music artists from these countries within Australia, Asia and Europe. Henk also distributes selected European jazz CD labels.

Henk strives to further the jazz-cultural development and exchange within the Asia-Pacific region, and in addition also continues to work for a dynamic cultural link with Europe as a viable source for improvised and classical musical inspiration.

Says Henk: "My primary interest and activities during the past 18 years have been the promotion and touring of jazz and improvised music groups from the Nordic countries and Australia. I aim to introduce to Australia the highest calibre of contemporary improvising musicians, but I also seek ways of introducing high quality Australian musicians to Asian and European festivals and performing muisc touring circuits. Indeed I see it as important also to work for the furthering of intra-Asian jazz promotion and presentation activities and I look forward to working with organisers and presenters of jazz and classical music within Asia."